Eirelor is the known world wherein the many races of being live and interact. It is only part of the larger realm that is Ahnkitaar. The geography of Eirelor is made up, primarily, of just two large continents: Thardonand to the West and Varalithiel  to the East, as well as the Aoldan Sea that seperates them. In addition to Thardonand and Varalithiel are the Free Isles, the Southern Isles and Valesha, as well as the Archaic Isles: A'Vesar, OtrlyndSal'Aszar, Maladrath, and the three islands of Endaryn's Belt.

Eirelor and everything in it was created by the omnipotent deity Qer in an act known as Qer's Sacrifice. After Qer bestowed upon the Mirci the power of worldly influence, Mircian society began to progress rapidly. 

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